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My first Arduino racing pad - video and conclusions


For future reference, check out the video with the Arduino racing pad, that I've built here:

My first Arduino racing pad in full glory!

There are some problems with the design that need working on:
  • The ergonomics are not the best. It's hard to use one hand for acceleration, brakes and gears.
  • I think, that 8bits of data fed by Arduino to the PC for steering are not enough.
  • You cannot drink beer while driving. Two hands need to be always on the pad. This is not the case when driving with a mouse or a wheel.
  • The gaming-pad-like joysticks are crap. About half of the axis travel is analogue, the rest is in full on state. 
I have some ideas for the next design. But I guess that will have to wait until autumn, since my 3rd kid is due to be born within next 2-3 weeks :)

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