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Minimal operation desk clock - part 1 - vision

Time is priceless, time is money. Especially now, with COVID-19 roaming, when some of the lucky ones sitting at home on conference calls making money. So I need to watch time during these conference calls and the watch on my wrist nor the time measurement in the laptop I use are not enough. I need to see a big dials. And I do not want to set it up or maintain it. Just plug it in the power supply and let it run. 

So the features I need are:

  1. desk clock, 
  2. with dials, hour and minutes,
  3. I don't want to have to set the time manually. I need it to get the time from somewhere.
  4. Be DEAD PRECISE. +/- 5s is OK, but not more,
  5. running on some kind of power that I do not want to care about, wall socket or USB will have to do I guess.
Optional features:
  1. a seconds dial,
  2. date display.
Phase two:

  1. getting the power from a battery.
Phase three:
  1. finding out how can I power it without even charging it EVER.
So obviously getting a simple battery power desk clock for 3$ out of aliexpress is the obvious choice, but I won't be able to get Features 3 and 4. And there's little chance I'll ever get to phase three of the project. Let's do something that is less practical and much more expensive :)

Let's implement this idea in the following way:
  • arduino,
  • e-ink display,
  • wall socket or USB powered (for now),
  • some time source,
  • a case.
The time source: I do not want to use NTP or internet time. This would mean that I would need to get ethernet or some other network (wifi, BT) connectivity that will require setting up. I'll try to get time of GSM or radio stations :)

Next time - I'll try to understand the options I have with regards to time source and buy components. We'll see how it goes.

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